Outcomes of Workshop “How to Market the Heritage Value?” at Goethe Institute-Alexandria (2017)

A three days intensive training workshop “How to Market the Heritage Value?” had been done under the supervision of Mr. Mohamed Badry – Heritage Management Professional (M.A. in Heritage Conservation & Site Management) & “HeritageForAll” initiative founder – with a sponsorship of Goethe Institute-Alexandria, the support of Œcumene Studio, in partnership with Ministry of Antiquities (Administration of Archaeological Awareness – Egyptian Antiquities Sector), and Alexandrina Bibliotheca. Mainly, a workshop aims to learn the mechanisms and methods of marketing the heritage values overall either heritage site, museum, or such heritage entity.

Significantly, workshop was compiled between various categories. The participants are among archaeological inspectors in Ministry of Antiquities; heritage preservers in Alexandria Governorate and Alexandrina Bibliotheca ; and academic entities (Professor, PhD students, and MSc & M.A. students) in Alexandria University, and Edinburgh.

The First Day 18 May 2017

Workshop was started the first day clarifying the meaning of expression “Heritage” and its disaggregation either tangible or intangible.

  • Instructor gave some examples for each list. He defined how far heritage contribute acting indirectly the sustainability pattern.
  • He clarified the cultural heritage context from the heritage marketing aspect.
  • He identified the features of the cultural heritage and its relationship with the sustainable development process.
  • He explained the transition from the phase of heritage tourism and its negative impact “Mass Tourism” to the phase of heritage marketing preserving sustainably the heritage value for the future generation.
  • He finalized the first day practically with a field trip to Alexandrina Bibliotheca viewing the role of information technology to present the heritage value.
  • Finally, he displayed the major up-to-date strategic heritage marketing techniques.

The Second Day 19 May 2017

Then, along the second day, instructor done a practical field trip to Roman Odeon analyzing the heritage site and its position in the heritage market place regarding its cultural significance. Coming back to the premise Goethe Institute, he cleared the steps of developing a heritage marketing plan.

The Third Day 20 May 2017

Finally, along the third day, instructor assisted practically the workshop participants developing a proposed heritage marketing plan of Roman Odeon.

Greaco-Roman Site “Roman Odeon” – Alexandria, Egypt

Roman Odeon was discovered by the Polish expedition in 1960 when they were removing the Roman fort / the ruins of a Napoleonic fort. It dates back to the 1st century A.D.. Then, during the 6th century A.D., it was converted from an open air Odeon to a closed a simply religious hall. All the steps of amphitheater are made of marble – was imported from Europe (probably Italy) – except for the lowest one which was made of red granite. In Ptolemaic era, Roman Odeon was known as the Park of Pan, “a pleasure garden” where citizens of Alexandria could indulge in various lazy pursuits.

The heritage product attributes:

  • Roman amphitheater
  • Residential district
  • Bird villa
  • Roman oven
  • The public roman bath
  • Artistic value
  • Historic value
  • Architectural value

Estimating the current situation

SWOT Analysis


  • Ticket Design
  • Convenient location
  • High authentic value
  • Valid spaces
  • Rest areas


  • Onsite image
  • Interpretation (visitor management)
  • Maintenance
  • Conservation
  • Display
  • The negative security handling
  • Governmental routine and administration
  • Services and Faculties
  • Promotion


  • Means of transportation
  • Partnership


  • Environmental impacts (climate change – temperature – rain – ground water – grasses – dogs)
  • Human-induced impacts (surrounding community – urban development and visual pollution – the lowest awareness – Petrol Station – Railway Station – Bus Stop – Waste – the surrounding military area)

Marketing Mix


Roman Amphitheater is a cultural heritage sites

Place “Distribution Channels”

  • Alexandria Governorate
  • Ministries of Antiquities, Cultural, Education, and Tourism
  • Alexandria Bibliotheque
  • Tourism companies
  • Polish expedition


  • Official ticket
  • Admission fees (Photographing, shooting and events)


  • Tourism, archaeological, and academic websites
  • Publicity
  • Media

Competition Analysis


  • Catacomb
  • Pompeii pillar
  • Greaco-Roman sites and museums in the Mediterranean Sea countries


  • Alexandria library
  • Qaitbay Fortress
  • Tourism destinations and entertainment activities


Roman Odeon is well-preserved Greaco-Roman site in Egypt. It is nationally visited. It contributes delivering the Greaco-Roman heritage knowledge in the international market.


Roman Odeon gains its cultural significance through its components and transmits civilizations. The heritage site displays its objects in-situ and through the use of multimedia tools. The site offers its services to local and international visitors. The site promotes itself through using numerous methodologies of marketing.

Target segmentation

  • Youth
  • Children
  • Socio-economic level


  • Strategy: Presenting the heritage value
  • Goal: Creating the interpreted heritage walking tours
  • Objective: Displaying a heritage play (regarding intangible cultural heritage of Roman Odeon)
  • Outcome: Defining the multi historical functions of Roman Odeon
  • Activity: Selecting a play historical story
  • Time Frame: one months
  • Cost: ——-


  • Archaeological inspector
  • Novelist
  • Scenarist
  • Actors and Actresses

Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) of objective overall

  • Interactive and attractive play
  • Roman Odeon becomes known among Alexandrian audience

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