Local Tourism .. Few Visitors .. More Revenues

HeritageForAll – Global Collaborations Program 2020

By Mr. Mohamed Badry – the Founder

In April 2020, Mr. Doug Lansky – Tourism Advisor in the Netherlands – shares his overview through YouTube (https://youtu.be/LJcXnTvppsc) indicating that the principles of the tourism market overall will be totally changed. He refers that in the upcoming months, the tourism market will aim at developing “Few Visitors … More Revenues” perspective/strategy. Moreover, according to the descriptive analysis of the online questionnaire “Let’s Share Your Experience of the Last Heritage Visit before the Current Global Pandemic!”, I can imagine that the upcoming heritage tourism market (at least along with the next two years) will be focused locally more than international. Therefore, the “quality” tourists will contribute to the city’s wellbeing.

Reviewing (De Bellaigue 2020), he refers throughout his interview with Melissa Biggs Bradley – the founder of Indagare, a high-end US travel company and a board member of the Center for Responsible Travel – that there will be a great motivation and enthusiasm for the “vernacular” places. Considering the psychological consequences of the quarantine, I discover in the aforementioned analysis that there are many responses who can easily take their decision visiting the heritage sites and museums (70 %). Investigating the former statement, there are more than 60 % of responses who prefer to visit the open-air historic spaces while 44 % of them will spend their vacation and spare time in the rural heritage landscapes.

Therefore, following the advice of Dr. Jan van der Borg, in Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University, there is a great chance at the current time for the tourism destinations identifying its carrying capacity according to the requirements of the local lifestyle and the infrastructure’s quality especially the socio-economic pillar.

According to Mr. Tanzer in ABTA Holiday Habits Report 2019, the future visitors will focus too much preparing their trip budget the “tourism taxes” factor “which aim to reduce the number of tourists while also bringing in more revenue”. Amsterdam already starts using this method which through, to administrate the touristic flow and to transform its market. It grants more advantages for the locals rather than the other way around. Thus, (De Bellaigue 2020) already indicates that attracting the local visitor is easier and facilitates recovering the country’s market faster than to attract the international visitor at least the consequences of the current travel restrictions lapse.


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