Rural Heritage and Traditional Food – Internship Program 2019

Heritage Management, the Coexistence of Archaeo & Rural Heritage: Ancient City of Geyre, Aphrodisias
Avatud Talude Päev (Open Farm Day): a Case Study of a Small Estonian Goat Farm
Challenges in Developing Rural Areas into Tourist Destination in Naina Devi
Carob as Product of Cultural and Heritage Significance
Built Vernacular Heritage “Earthen Architecture and Interpretation of Rural Internal Design”
Tasting Territories: Experiencing Local Communities through Food
Heritage-making as Community Building: Kihnu Bread and the Local Spirit
Contextualizing the Folk History of Rural Estonians in Present Times
Community, Heritage & Identity Turriga Goddess Exhibition Civic Arch. Museum Sa Domu Nosta, Senorbí
Cappadocia and Its Rural Landscape
Mural Paintings of Jammu: a Walk through Radhey Shyam Temple (Billu ka Mandir)
Ecotourism in UNESCO WHS Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh
Food Heritage and Rural Identities among Young Generations in Estonia and China
Climatic Influences on Vernacular Architecture Style: a Case Study on Himachal Hill State
Current Condition, Relevance, Planning & Design of Vernacular Homes: Earthen Homes in Leh and Ladakh
Rural Architecture, Vernacular Heritage, Art, Culture, and Food: Hodka Village, Rann of Kutch
Mudurnu and Its Intangible Heritage
The Representation of Sardinia’s Nuragic Civilization
Understanding Vernacular Archi. Heritage Conservation’s Role & Impact in Rural Tourism
The Movement of Small Farms Cropping up in the Wake of Globalization
Culinary Heritage and Rural Identities
Rapid Transformation of Rural Landscapes: Panchkroshi Pilgrimage, Varanasi, India
HimalayanKraft – Empowering Those, Who Weave Magic: Entrepreneurial Initiative
Traditional Rural Food: a Case Study on Pathrudo, a Colocasia Leaves’ Recipe in India
Traditional Procession of Gangaur Festival, India
Culinary Tourism in Greece and Bangladesh: Diversity and Streamlined
Tangible Rural Heritage and “Sardinian-ness”: Relevance and Identity Issues
Rural Tourism Model-Based Community: Cultural Significance and Future Identity in Darap Village
Vernacular Buildings and Construction Techniques in Black Sea Region
Gastronomic Culinary Heritage through Slow Food and the Ark of Taste in Estonia
Counter-narratives: Culture as a Trigger for Tourism Development
Heritage Management at Mountain Railways of India
Fairs and Festivals to Conserve Heritage: a Case Study on Lavi Fair
The Role of the Rural Communities: a Case Study on Cumalıkızık
Chettinad Village Heritage Development Program, Tamilnadu State, India
A Bite of the Local Life Rural Cultural Food Tourism and Sustainable Development on Kihnu Island
Protecting the Rural Heritage of Turkish Folk Culture and History
Rural Agricultural Traditions and Cultural Heritage: Crete and Bangladesh
Genoni Heritage Landscape: Giunone – Corporate Community
Sustainable Ecotourism in UNESCO WHS “Sundarbans Mangrove Forest”
Rural Tales and Tourism – Har Gaon Ki Kahani: Himachal Tourism Promotion Scheme
Korapat Agri. System in Odisha to Understand the Role of Its Heritage OUVs and Agri. Biodiversity
The Value of Goat Cheese within Estonian Heritage Context
Public Policies and Rural Cultural Heritage Traditions: a Study between Bangladesh and Greece
World Heritage vs. Local Reality: Kihnu’s Encounter with Heritage Policies

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