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Information about 2021 interns

Humaira Tabassum

Ms. Humaira is an architect, from Chittagong (Bangladesh), who is focusing on heritage conservation. She decided to take up heritage conservation as a priority in her career and academics as she grew a proclivity towards tangible and intangible heritage studies while doing the Bachelor’s thesis on the rich colonial history of the Bangladesh railway. Currently, doing Post-graduate studies in heritage conservation and site management at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, (Germany), she is preparing for her thesis on interpretation of cultural sites. Being involved as a volunteer in conservation projects with “European Heritage Volunteers” and different summer school projects across Europe, she comprehends the pivotal role of sustainable or adaptive use and successful interpretation of cultural sites in community development. Participating in the 15th international summer school of the International forum Bosnia and Herzegovina, she realized the noteworthy role of cultural heritage conservation in the peace-making process and rehabilitation of war-affected communities. Currently, she is also involved in UNINET, an Erasmus+ summer school project on sustainable use of cultural heritage, where she is studying the sustainable use of cultural heritage associated with bunkers in Berlin. She looks forward to developing realistic, sustainable, region-specific, and contemporary solutions in terms of heritage conservation to tackle the challenges faced by the developing countries in the field of community development.

Nohema-Cassandra Ruíz Gómez

Ms. Nohema-Cassandra is a Mexican architect with a passion for cultural heritage. She is M.Sc. student in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions (SAHC) at Minho University (Portugal). She obtained with honors M.Arch. in the restoration of historic monuments at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and her bachelor at Universidad Tecnológica de México performing her professional practices at the National Museum of Anthropology. The earthquakes that occurred in September 2017 in México were events that marked her in a professional and personal way. The record of architectural and damages surveys she carried out in different villages within the country, led her to have a closer approach with the members of the communities where the architectural object was a fundamental piece of their identities and traditions. The experience she developed on-site projects, as well as in research, convinced her that the proposals must integrate and linked the tangible and intangible heritage. The approach to the problems must be carried out from an interdisciplinary team with defined methodologies with the objective of avoiding future risks for the cultural heritage. Thus, it is mandatory to preserve the authenticity of the communities and the dissemination of the knowledge at different levels. She enjoys and is committed to the development of cultural heritage conservation projects, as well as the challenges that the interactions with the communities involved. Her aim is promoted through the architectural interventions the appropriation to guarantee the conservation actions and contribute to the sense of identity. She likes traveling and learns about other cultures, as well as hearing about the traditions and cultural expressions that exist around the world.

Lara Ayman

Ms. Lara is an architect from Alexandria (Egypt). She is M.Sc student, in architecture at the Faculty of Engineering (Alexandria University – Egypt), who is focusing on the documentation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. She participated in various activities concerning cultural heritage e.g. the 1st International Alexandria Architecture Summer School “Virtual Reality in Heritage Conservation”. In cooperation with Institut für Neue Industriekultur INIk Gmbh, she took part in the “Adaptive Reuse: Aging City Reborn” workshop that to present various proposals for the adaptive reuse of local industrial district. Also, in cooperation with Fine Arts Museum in Alexandria, she participated in the “History of Art, Architecture, Display Technology and Documentation of Artistic and Museum Holdings” workshop. Finally, in cooperation with Goethe Institute, Alexandria University, and DOM Publishers Berlin, she was a member of the writing team of “Architectural Guide Alexandria”.

Jana Ahmed

Ms. Jana is graduated in architecture, Damascus University (2020). Her graduation project was about heritage management through the visitor center in her hometown “Bosra” as a world heritage site. Now, in cooperation with AUB-BTU project, she continues researching Bosra, with a group of architects, as a case study in relation to social cohesion analyzing the urban fabric. She works as a junior architect at a contemporary design company where she gets exposing the modern practices of architecture. Also, she is a secretary, proofreader, and website manager at Twenty Two Architectural Group, an NGO voluntary group, that sheds light on the architecture and architects’ affairs in the Arab world through education, training, and qualification.

Dea Morina

Ms. Dea is a graduate of Tourism and Event Management at Budapest Business School (Hungary, 2021). Throughout her studies, she has had the opportunity to take part in various conferences, internships, and workshops relating to tourism and has grown interested specifically in sustainable cultural tourism. She is looking forward to supporting this interest through further academic and professional advancement. Regarding her bachelor studies in Tourism and Hospitality, she took interest in cultural tourism defending a bachelor thesis in the development of dark tourism destinations. Diving deeper into this topic motivated her to educate herself furthermore about socio-cultural sustainable tourism.

Mahlaqa Fahami

Ms. Mahlaqa is an architect from Bangladesh. Currently, she is M.A. student in World Heritage Studies at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. During her bachelor’s, she participated in many projects related to architectural conservation and urban heritage. She associated with numerous international organizations as an active member, such as Europa Nostra, ESACH, and ICOMOS Bangladesh. Also, she involved in UNICITI research team as a volunteer to create sustainable urban development models for Asian cities. Presenting her visual art skills, she participated in many national and international competitions. She attained the 1st prize for ESACH visual art competition on the topic “World Heritage Challenges and Opportunities”, and an honorable mention award at Context.BD for Bangladesh Cultural Heritage Pictogram competition. Investigating the statement of Bangladesh cultural heritage, she published two international conference papers. Her research interest prevails in the field of cultural heritage, community architecture, and migration. Being a digital artist, she wants to reach audiences from her country and abroad through art to spread the unknown Bangladeshi knowledge and cultural heritage.

Acknowledgement to the professionals and organizations that were supported the interns (2019) – HeritageForAll International Online Internship “Rural Heritage and Traditional Food”

Graduating the International Interns (Intake 2019) of HeritageForAll International Online Internship “Rural Heritage and Traditional Food”, we would like to acknowledge the following professionals and organizations that were supported our interns with a great primary informative data and knowledge covering the multiple themes of ICOMOS/UNESCO-WHC-based annual theme “Rural Landscapes”:

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